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As promised my wine buddy is at it again. Since he was such a hit last time I asked if he would write up another great wine for us to try. He happily obliged with a great sounding wine that is a must try. I have never heard of this wine before so you know I have already walked over to my wine guy and asked him to please please please order me a bottle. I should have it in a few weeks I can’t wait! So as not to keep you all waiting here is Eric’s pick of the week!

Conterno Dolcetto 2006
Ever heard of Dolcetto? Not just a pretty name, this is the wine that the majority of North-western Italians pair with nearly every meal and with good reason. Understand that in Italy, traditional wine is made with the intention of pairing it with the local cuisine. In the region of Piedmont (the same Piedmont that’s famous for Barolo and Barbaresco) the food is mountain fair, rich dishes of game meats, sausage, potato and (my favorite) risotto. So what does it take to pair a wine against this hearty fair? The answer… Balanced acidity.

So Dolcetto may not be the wine to pour at a party or to sip on the couch while watching a movie with your sweetie, but I guarantee you that Dolcetto is the wine to pour at your next dinner party or with a cheese plate. A good Dolcetto shows ripe blackberry fruit with lively acidity and a bit of bitterness on the finish that screams for another bite of food. It compliments the food instead of overwhelming it.

Aldo Conterno
Dolcetto Massante 2006

My Notes:
A medium bodied, dark purple hue Dolcetto. Initially the nose is a little closed with chalk dust and faded fruit but with a little time an explosion of Blackberries, chestnuts and toast… Wow. Juicy blackberries jam on the palate with spicy clove. The finish is long and chewy with a bit of burn from the teaming acidity that also makes this a great wine to pair with food.

Lastly, I scored this bottle for $26 dollars and although that’s not cheap, this is one of the better examples of Dolcetto that I’ve seen in quite a while. Also, check out other producers, such as Pecchenino, Bruno Giacosa and Domenico Clerico.



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