A Beautiful Chianti……

For anyone who likes wine I have a treat today. An old friend of mine who is a chef in NYC and a wine connoisseur has volunteered to guest blog today. He has written a great post exploring the complexities of a mid range Chianti. After reading it if you don’t want a glass your a nun!

So without further ado…

A Beautiful Chianti in an Ocean of Mediocrity

One of the first Italian wines that most Americans reach for is Chianti. However, choosing from this category can be tricky as many estates depend solely on the brand name, Chianti, to sell the product instead of what they put in the bottle. This leaves a minefield of choices for the average consumer in search of an easy drinking Italian red. But fear not, because among those hundreds of bottles of cheap swill, there are a number of gems to be found.

Tonight I write about and drink, Querciabella, a company that continues to strive for excellence in both traditional Italian wine from Tuscany as well as a number of new world styled wines. This is a Chianti from the classico zone (classico meaning the zone in which Chianti was originally created and cultivated) as well as from a producer that prides themselves in that all of their vineyards are now fully organic. Put this together with the 2006 vintage, that was exceptional in Tuscany, and you have a beautiful entry-level bottle that blows away the competition.


Chianti Classico 2006

My Notes

A dark ruby red color. Initially the nose is like a basket of berries in a florist shop but with a little time raspberry fruit comes to the top with hints of fall leaves. Blackberry fruit and orange rind on the initial sip with an earthy, cherry finish and fresh acidity that glides across your palette and leaves you wanting more. This is the epitome of Italian food wine, adding wonderful earth and mushroom notes to a plate of pasta with red sauce, and is balanced enough to reward mid-term cellaring.

Add to all of that the $25 price tag, wide distribution and you have a quality-price-ratio that can’t be beat. Give it a try and if you agree, grab a case and watch this beauty evolve over the years to come.
Querciabella Chianti 2006
~Eric G.

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